The Chase – Set the World to Rights (2021)

After The Chase had us bouncing to their high-octane energy in ‘Black Cloud’, they drew us into the witty interplay of siblings in ‘I Just Can’t Believe We Share the Same Name’. Now, they are plucking at our emotions with the rock-pop tones of ‘Set the World to Rights’. Inspired by classic ballads by Burt Bacharach and John Lennon, they talk about loneliness and hardships.

As the single delves into these darker emotions, the band lifts the mood as they consider finding someone, which may change your perspectives. While the single is a personal one for frontman Tyler Heaney, the artistry of the band makes it easy for every listener to connect with the deeper emotions. A wonderful swirl of a tale of two sides, they balance their energy and emotive prowess perfectly.

‘Set the World to Rights’ opens with an easy strumming guitar. While the guitar line is gentle and has you relaxing into the tones, the piano line that rises against it, adds depth to the sound. The melody starts to build from this moment, as the piano and guitar start to rise, with the strings mournfully reaching into your chest and tugging at your emotions. You can feel the negative emotions pressing down on you through the melody before the chorus hits and lifts the mood a bit. The melody is a delicate balance of light and dark with the negatives pressing in, only to be chased away by the pulse of energy on the chorus. It is a really captivating movement that hooks you to the track and allows the vocals to take you on an emotional journey.

As the gentle melody opens the track, the lyrics thread through your senses with thoughts that most of us have had at some point. The vocals are sombre as they consider loneliness and hard times that they are struggling through. As the music rises on the chorus, the vocals meet them and consider how meeting someone can change your view of the hardships you face. The understanding that there is light at the end of the tunnel is subtly laced into the vocal performance. Through all of this, the emotive power of the vocals merge with the catchy vibes of the performance to get you lost in the track.

Through the emotive tones of ‘Set the World to Rights’, The Chase balances light and dark emotions, while considering hard times and changing perspectives. The music presses in to highlight the darkness only to release as your spirits are lifted. The vocals are emotive as they unleash thoughts and feelings we have all faced, while catching you in the enthralling vibes of the track.

Find out more about The Chase on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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