Aza Brown – Afterthought (2022)

Aza Brown helped us overcome hardships with the companionable ‘Pure Water’, then brought the wonder of summer in ‘Midsummer Skies’ and ranted about the establishment in ‘For Real?’. He is now turning his musical talents to fantasies of revenge and getting over feeling sorry for yourself with ‘Afterthought’. Using an epic Latino soundscape, he has listeners moving away from the seemingly self-pitying vibes to their darker side.

The initial morose tones of the track are turned completely on their head for the vivid kick of revenge that paints the single. Bringing pensive sadness to a strangely upbeat vibe, Brown offers a catharsis that comes from imagining all the things you wish you could do to get revenge on someone who hurt you. A wonderful take on sadness and dejection, the single is part empowering anthem, part fantasy, and completely enjoyable to listen to.

‘Afterthought’ strums to life, getting you to bop away with the movement. The guitars are infectious from the first note as they bring a slightly melancholic edge to the melody. The opening melodic line is tinged with despondence and sadness, but there is a darkness lurking in the low levels. There is a light touch of Latin sensibilities woven into the melody that tickles the back of your brain, while getting you to slide through the soundscape. As the single progresses, the Latin flairs become more powerful as does the slide into darkness. It is a rather subdued melody that carries a lot of power in painting the scene of the single.

As you slide down the guitar-driven melody, Brown’s vocals pull you into the emotions and fantasies of the lyrics. Brown’s vocals are smooth and so easy to relax into as you let the story of the lyrics wash over you. The opening verse is packed with sadness and the heartbreaking feeling of not being cared about as much as you care about someone else. Listening to the initial lyrics will have you thinking that this is a track all about sadness and wallowing in self-pity. As the single progresses, you start to realise that it is much more, as the sadness turns into anger and a thirst for revenge. This slides delightfully into a hit against those who hurt us and a rousing of all the darker thoughts that rest below the sadness.

Aza Brown turns sadness and heartbreak into a darker fantasy of revenge, while hitting out at those who hurt us in ‘Afterthought’. The music has a Latin flair to it as the guitar-driven sound brings melancholy and an underlying darkness to the single. Brown’s vocals move from wallowing in self-pity to anger that allows the darkness within to form nebulous thoughts of revenge.

Find out more about Aza Brown on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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