Keeping It Real (ft. Freeman, Oozy Woods, Mawpit and more)

Things might not be too chilly and rainy where you are, but it certainly is here at The Other Side Reviews headquarters. To make the day a little less dreary and more comfortable, here is our new Keeping It Real. Featuring artists like Freeman, Mawpit, Oozy Woods and Dom Clark, you’re sure to find something you will like. Enjoy!


We begin our Keeping It Real list with jazz-rock band Dom Clark Trio. The brainchild of musician Dom Clark, this group is the live band project for Dom as a solo artist. Collaborating with Conor Cotterill on bass and Enmanuel Moreno on drums, the East London lads have released several singles gaining local and national coverage. Having met at an underground jazz club in West Ham, the first gig came immediately after one rehearsal. Now known for their passionate, energetic and improvised performances (including a trumpet), Dom Clark Trio is set for stardom. The latest single from this dynamic trio is ‘The Exception’.

A song about privilege, ‘The Exception’ is almost six minutes of pure indie-funk with some rock undertones. A combination of The Doobie Brothers and Steve Miller Band, but with a modern twist, the Dom Clark Trio are breeding a new brand of funky music. The introduction of the trumpet, along with steady drums and effortless vocals, reminds me greatly of Chicago. All I have to say is watch out Robert Lamm, Dom Clark is right behind you!

“We wrote this song about privilege and how an outsider has to be twice as good as the crowd to be accepted. All money received from downloads will be donated to anti-racist causes.” – Dom Clark on ‘The Exception’


The solo project of multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Adam White, Longsman is the eclectic workings of White’s mind. Leaning toward the indie-rock style of Pulp, but with some ‘rockier’ riffs and undertones, Longsman is something very exciting to hear. Working from a home studio, White is producing some music with very heartfelt lyrics and an emotive vocal. The debut track from this talented London-based individual is ‘Missing You’.

“The song is about being apart from people you love and missing them deeply. Poignant with what we have all been going through over the past few months.” – Longsman on ‘Missing You’


Hailing all the way from Adelaide, Australia, may we present the outstanding Evoletah. Most well known as the lead vocalist for the multi-award-winning 90s band The Violets, Matt Cahill has been on the music scene for some time. After the dissolution of The Violets and a brief sabbatical, Cahill returned in 2005 with the indie-pop band Evoletah. Jaded by the traditional band format, Evoletah is a musical project between Cahill (vocals and guitar), Michael Shanahan (bass) and Ben Johns (piano) recording tracks written for The Violets but never performed. The debut album from Evoletah is Run With The Hunted.

While recorded and engineered at Audio Garage – Cahill’s purpose-built studio – Run With The Hunted was mixed at Sody Pop. With contributions from Californian soul songstress Heather Christie and Australian jazz singer Shanna Ransley, the end result is a plethora of effortless vocals and strong melodies.

“All my life it’s like I’ve tried to hang on to a helium balloon in the wind and the rain making matters worse. Now the pain is peeling off of my alibi.” – Matt Cahill on Run With The Hunted.


Only 19 years old, Henry Alexander is the honest voice of the Millennial generation. Hailing from Australia, this young artist is on a musical journey in the Melbourne underground indie scene. Along with his team of talented artists, Alexander follows in the footsteps of David Bowie and Mick Jagger. The band includes guitarist Sam Swain, guitarist Paul K, drummer Nate Would and keyboardist Jordi Edwards, along with Alexander on vocals of course. Times may have changed over the years, but this young artist shows the honesty of music is eternal and unchangeable. ‘In My Shoes’ is the follow-up to the popular ‘Trouble Maker’.

“This song came together very quickly. The lyrics echo my feelings regarding recent global events and the importance of empathy and seeing things from another’s perspective regardless of social, economic or ethnic background.” – Henry Alexander on ‘In My Shoes’


Oozy Woods was formed in Bologna, Italy in 2017 with a single aim – to create new and original music. Together frontman Alessandro Baro, guitarist Federico Bertolucci, bassist Marco Tugnoli and drummer Francesco Tettamanti are creating a mixture of blues, rock and even grunge. In May 2019, Oozy Woods recorded their first full-length album at Magister Recording Area. The twelve-track album has now been released and is titled In Between.

“Our release and our band are ‘In Between’ separate worlds or stories that link together, reflecting the different personalities of each member. Our idea is to connect a visual impact from the paintings made by our drummer with vibes and feelings coming from the songs.” – Oozy Woods on In Between.


Donning a sharp trilby, skin-tight jeans, Lennon shades and a wine-red velvet jacket, Freeman is the epitome of the British rocker. Hailing from London, the rock and roll singer/songwriter has been sharing his insatiable sound with listeners across the globe. After an extensive touring schedule of South America and the release of a debut album in 2019, Freeman is back with a bang. His latest release is the follow-up single ‘Rolling Stone’.

Released only six months into 2020, ‘Rolling Stone’ is the ideal for old-school rock and rollers looking for something with emotive vocals and a catchy melody. Freeman may not be Mick Jagger, but he’s definitely on Jagger’s coattails.

“Written as the anthem for all free spirits of the new decade, ‘Rolling Stone’ fuses the grit of 70s rock with the catchy loops and riffs that command radio airplay for today’s audiences.” – Freeman on ‘Rolling Stone’


Formed in Cardiff in late 2019, the alt-rock trio is taking a refreshing look at contemporary music. Not ones to shy away from social and political issues, such as environmentalism, feminism, animal rights and racism, vocalist Cait, guitarist Jordan and drummer Aled are sharing their opinions with listeners. Raised on a mix of punk, alt-rock, grunge, soul and jazz, Mawpit has developed a sound that is full of finesse and grit. They recently released their debut single ‘Nature’s Curse’.

“Nature’s Curse’ is a lament about the fires in Australia in 2019 and the rising concern of global warming. Written from the perspective of Mother Nature, the song is a ballad for her humans.” – Mawpit on ‘Nature’s Curse’


After much success performing with the Canberra-based band Bleach It Clean, singer/songwriter Blake Caragh has progressed beyond punk rock to a ‘grungier’ sound. While Caragh began his solo project in 2019, it is only now that he chooses to release the debut album Extinction. Reminiscent of Blur and Radiohead, Blake carefully uses acoustic instrumentation and effortless vocals to be the voice of a new angsty generation.

“At times angry and frustrated, but also accepting, Extinction takes the listener to uncomfortable places and back again.” – Blake Caragh on Extinction


The 1980s brought the world many wonderful artists and trends – think of Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ or Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ – but it was near Paris in 1980 that another amazing artist was born. Alright, Amaury Laurent Bernier had no idea he would become a soulful singer at birth, but you never know he might have! After creating his first band, he spent approximately 12 years touring and in the studio collaborating as a singer/songwriter. After being asked to compose the soundtrack of a short film, he impressed the director to such an extent that he has remained in the film industry for several years. After moving to Hamburg, Germany, this multi-instrumentalist has re-entered the music industry to write a full-length album called 34 Days In Lockdown.

Using his skills with instruments and clear vocals, Amaury Laurent Bernier has created a quirky set of songs with folk and indie-pop flavours. Reminiscent of Blur, Dodgy and The Beatles, Amaury has produced an addictive album after only 34 days of lockdown.

“From the composition to the mix, every single aspect feels excellent. We love the retro vibes, but still we perceive it as a thoroughly modern record.” – Hello Folks on 34 Days In Lockdown

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