Bailey Tomkinson – When the Lights Went Out (2021)

Bailey Tomkinson pumped us up with frustration, anger and love through the fusion tones of ‘Bright Red’. Moving away from the more political edge of her last single, she delves into relationships with the looser sound of ‘When the Lights Went Out’. The single brings a fuller and more rock sound to her music while the lyrics touch on an experience many of us have faced.

Through the single, she looks at those times when you believe you are in a relationship but the other party doesn’t. The relatable nature of the single combines with the engaging tones of her music for a single that is, unsurprisingly, already a firm favourite with her fans. While taking a slightly different route sonically, the single also marks the lead-up to her upcoming EP.

The plucked popping tones that open ‘When the Lights Went Out’ are light and easy. They draw you into the movement of the melody that is thrust forward by the drums that roll through your shoulders. The music has a vulnerable feeling of reflection and sadness that perfectly enhances the emotions of the vocals. The fullness of the sound is wonderful as it turns into a swirl of pop tones that are tinged with the lightest touch of rock. There is a rise of shimmering tones that make you want to close your eyes and give in to the movement of the music. The layers of the melodic elements are masterfully handled.

As you are swept into the movement of the melody, Tomkinson’s vocals enter with a touching tenderness. You can feel the tentative emotions of the opening as she reaches out for a connection that is only felt on one side. The sadness and pain that comes from this realisation are woven into the vocals that reach into your chest and tug at your emotions. Her vocals grow in strength and power as the single continues. The chorus is rather catchy and perfectly propelled from the shimmering movement of the music.

Bailey Tomkinson brings a fuller sound while tapping into the emotions of one-sided connections in the vulnerable yet powerful ‘When the Lights Went Out’. The melody catches you in its movement as it brings vulnerable reflections and shimmering rising tones to your ears. Tomkinson’s vocals are tender and build in power as the track continues unleashing an emotive flow through your senses.

Find out more about Bailey Tomkinson on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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