Sonar Red – The Ground Beneath Our Feet (2021)

Merging elements of grunge, melodic metal and alternative rock, duo Sonar Red are breeding a provocative sound for the masses. Ignoring their newbie status, Jon Diss and Rick Everest are already featured on several online radio stations, podcasts and playlists.

Alright, that isn’t too much of an introduction to the UK-based pair; however, it’s all about music isn’t it? Let’s get into that.

The debut single from this hard-hitting duo is ‘The Ground Beneath Our Feet’. Melding the grunge of Radiohead with the intensity of Nine Inch Nails, the track is evocative and all-encompassing. Showcasing their eclecticism, Diss and Everest nod toward the heavier 90s rock sound with a contemporary flair ala Stone Sour. Yet, while there is a hard edge to their music, the combination of guitars and synths add a delicate complexity to the melody.

Delving into a world of inner turmoil and existential conflict, ‘The Ground Beneath Our Feet’ is brutally raw and honest. Gritty instrumentation and rough vocals complement the lyricism, but the harmonic melody adds an endearing quality to soothe the painful vulnerability. Not only that but the harmonic blending of vocals leaves a lingering sense of sentimentality and sincerity.

So what do I think of ‘The Ground Beneath Our Feet’? Honestly, I adore it. This is only their debut track, but I can’t wait to hear more of their delicate angst.

For more from Sonar Red check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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