Jupiter’s Beard – Mr. Billionaire (2020)

A critical look at wealth and power through the eyes of a band of 19-year-olds is going to be a raucous event. This is exactly what you get with ‘Mr. Billionaire’ from Jupiter’s Beard. The single takes on the powerful and those with money in an energetic and engaging way.

The song highlights the engaging soundscape of the band. Before lockdown, they had blasted their way onto the scene, selling out gigs in their hometown Stoke. This single continues their boisterous and dynamic sound getting you into their music and wanting more.

‘Mr. Billionaire’ hits you with a lively guitar melody from the first moment. The guitar continues to pull you along the single as it builds up for the chorus. The melody of this single is so engaging that you can’t help but get into it. You will be moving to the beat whether you want to or not. There are a few layers to the melody that work together to create a raucous backdrop for the vocals.

While the guitar gets you pumped up, the vocals hit you with a smoothness that is rather addictive. There is a maturity to this single that you might not expect from such a young band. However, the vocals have this power and control that sweep over you and combine with the melody for an indie-rock hit. Lyrically, the single is so relatable and critical while not being abrasive. There is a perfect balance between all the elements of this single that make it absolutely amazing.

Jupiter’s Beard take on the wealthy and powerful in their captivating single ‘Mr. Billionaire’. The song has everything you want in a rock track from lively guitars to smooth vocals to engaging lyrics. While critical, the single does not cross the line and perfectly illustrates the musical prowess of the band.

Find out more about Jupiter’s Beard on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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