Jacko Hooper – Muttered Words (2020)

Jacko Hooper left us feeling uplifted after working through feelings of not being good enough in ‘Why I’m Here At All’. With his last single of the year, he is turning to a more bittersweet and wintery vibe with ‘Muttered Words’. The soundscape creates a fitting end to the chaotic year we have all faced.

Hooper is creating a soft end to the year that has been packed with two new tracks from him each month. With all the noise the year has made, the restful folk sounds he creates lets you ease into a relaxed state of mind. If the single itself does not fill you with warm vibes, the official lyric video will.

‘Muttered Words’ opens with Hooper’s vocals which hook you into the gentle soundscape. His performance is a delicate touch on your skin like a cashmere blanket wrapped around your shoulders. His vocal performance had a soulful folk vibe to it as it soaks warmth into your soul. The warmth of his vocals is a wonderful complement to the wintery soundscape. Through his vocals, you are also drawn into the lyrics which he infuses with emotion.

While his vocals fill you with warmth and good emotions, the melody it a soft snowbank that you can fall back into. The instruments are a light touch against your ear as they pull you into the snowy soundscape. While there is a chill of bittersweet emotion to the music, it is not cold as it melds with the warm vocals. It is a relatively minimalistic melody which drives the power of the vocals.

The accompanying music video is as easy to watch as the song is to listen to. The video starts inside a train with a wintery landscape moving past the window. The lyrics make their way to the screen and have a cursive font which seems to capture the essence of the track. The winter landscape continues to move it the background as you fly over snow-covered trees and walk along unending snow. The slow movement of the video lets you breathe as you listen to the music and just makes everything even better.

Jacko Hooper fills you with warmth against a wintery soundscape for a gentle end to the year in ‘Muttered Words’. The delicate melody forms a soft flow that his soulful and emotive vocals rest on. The accompanying lyric video captures the emotions and easiness of the track through the lyric font and wintery landscapes.

Find out more about Jacko Hooper on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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