Moon Walker – Light Burns Out (2021)

‘Light Burns Out’ is a step in a different direction for Moon Walker. Putting their aggression and guitars away, their politically charged yet introspective lyrics call out for unity. Through the softer sounds of the single, the band considers how it feels that the USA seems to be going back in time to the 1950s socially and the Great Depression financially.

Through this single, Harry Springer (guitar, vocals) and Sean McCarthy (drums) pair scathing criticisms with a heartfelt plea. The duo has been playing together since they met in high school and co-founded the band The Midnight Club. This project was born out of quarantine and regularly unleashes their thoughts on the polarised nature of modern society.

‘Light Burns Out’ smoothly opens and fills you with an almost nostalgic feeling. There is a touch of surf rock to the tones that makes you think of music played on the pier. While the melody is less aggressive than the band’s usual sound, it is just as captivating. There is a slow unfurling of sound that turns into a searing ballad. As you listen to the single, your mind is sent flying on the power of the music.

While the melody gets you into the single, it is the vocals that are the real star. The lyrics draw on the turning back of the clocks for Daylight Savings to pull you into the message of the single. There is an explicit criticism of the desire by some to turn back time that is woven perfectly through the single. Springer’s vocals move from melodic soothing to a call for us to stand together and move the world in a better direction. The movement of his performance is extremely catchy and will have you singing along on the chorus.

Moon Walker calls out with a heartfelt plea paired with searing criticism in the building ballad of ‘Light Burns Out’. The melody combines a dusting of nostalgia with surf and indie rock tones. The vocals carry the heartfelt plea for unity and the calling out of those who wish to throw the world back in time.

Find out more about Moon Walker on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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