Beau Bowen – Intergalactic Enquiries (2021)

Beau Bowen are striking out in a new direction with the alternative pop sounds of ‘Intergalactic Enquiries’. With a fresh, quirky and fun musical style, the duo gets you excited for their new direction and the new album that is set to drop later this year. While this is different to what fans have become accustomed to, the new sound is a blast of weird confidence that is rather infectious.

Bringing vintage synths to electric guitars and drums, their sound pops through your senses and fills you with their passion. Dru and Kay, the duo behind the music, continue their journey of defying genres and pushing boundaries with their music. An interesting band that makes ever more intriguing music, they keep you on your toes while hooking you to their sound.

‘Intergalactic Enquiries’ hits you with the quirky fun of the track from the first moment. The high-pitched introduction drops into warbling synths and a beat that has you bopping to its rhythm. There is a light vintage feel to the music that throws you back to the synth-pop of the 80s. The steady pulse of the electronic soundscape pulls you forward through the really interesting vocals. There is no way you can listen to the fun movement of the single and not smile. There is a real mixed bag of melodic elements that filter through the melody for an extremely unique and fresh sound. It is highly likely that you have never heard any quite like this but in a good way.

The quirkiness of the track is not restricted to the melody with the high vocals bringing an unconventional edge to the music. The vocals have a slightly futuristic cosmic feeling to them that adds a new dimension to the track and contrast with the lower vocals that come through at times. Halfway through the single, there is a slight cacophony of sound that leads you to the soaring electronic guitars. The vocals then swirl around you in a kaleidoscope of neon colours.

Beau Bowen capture you in their quirky, unique and refreshing sound through the high vocals and light retro yet futuristic dusting of ‘Intergalactic Enquiries’. If you are in the mood for a single that breathes new life into alternative pop while offering a soundscape that is completely unique, you have it with this song. Through the single, the band lets you unleash your unique and weird self while filling you with the confidence to be outside the norm.

Find out more about Beau Bowen on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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