The English Rain – Here Comes The Sun (2021)

It has been almost one year since The English Rain last passed our virtual desks and we’ve missed them. A collaborative music project including musicians Cassi Marie, Alister Bell, Neil Steward, Steve Boom and their producer Jason Millhouse, this group has a diverse pool of experiences to inspire their sound. Since the group was technically formed in the mid-1980s, the jangle-pop meets indie-pop sound is a sign of the time. We could even say that The English Rain brings the pop sounds of yesteryear to a contemporary society keeping us in the loop of the awesomeness of the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Following the release of their debut album Echoes of You last year (read our review here), The Australia-based band have received coverage from international blogs like The AU Review, Music Is My Muse, Colours Through The Air and several radio stations/playlists. In line with their jangle-pop reputation, the group release a Beatles-inspired single called ‘Here Comes The Sun’. No, this is not a cover of the iconic Beatles track but it’s worth a listen, trust me on this.

So, what can I say about The English Rain’s ‘Here Comes The Sun’? Top-notch, banging, an earworm of a track? Yes, well it is all those things but the mellowness of the guitars and slathering of chilled vocals makes it more than any of those descriptions. A combination of soothing guitars, steady drums and Cassi Marie’s dulcet tones adds a melodic flow to the harmonic arrangement. It is as if you have been tipped into a whirlpool of soft music encased in a warm, fluffy blanket. Well, at least that’s my description of the charming ambience.

Yet while the melody has languid joviality about it, it is the lyrical execution that makes me smile. Noted as a song “…about the end of winter and how we all re-emerge from a sort of hibernation”, ‘Here Comes The Sun’ is an empowering and optimistic song. I mean, who doesn’t like the idea of the sun’s rays warming your chilled bones after a long sleep? I suppose someone who burns easily and forgets to put on sunscreen might not be keen on that metaphor, but the hopeful warmth is still soothing regardless of your SPF level.

For more from The English Rain check out their official website, Facebook and Spotify.

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