Ben Dalby – Tin Man (2021)

Using the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, Ben Dalby explores feeling cut off from your emotions and toiling away without a connection to your heart. While delving into this disconnect, the single offers a very different alternative side as well. This is the blissful feeling of joy that an escape from a restricted life can bring. With a layering of meaning, the track keeps you hooked from start to end.

Throwing everything into this single, Dalby (vocals, guitar) and Luke Targett (keyboard, programming) incorporated everything they could including metallic sounds of Targett’s kitchen sink. The duo met through Black Room Studios and combined their styles and sound for this track. With a touch of classic 80s guitar, the single fills you with rollercoaster energy and the urge to bop to the beat.

‘Tin Man’ gets you bopping to the beat from the very first second. It is an incredibly infectious melody with a beat that does not let up. The dancing vibe of the music merges with the retro tones of the guitar and the bubbling synths. The rather upbeat feeling of the melody is a little at odds with the overall vibe of the lyrics which just makes it all better. Throughout the single, you can hear the addition of little melodic elements that make the single so unique. The metal bangs bring texture to the synth flow before the jangle of the guitar plucks at your ears.

As the melody has you bopping away, Dalby’s vocals bring the sadness of the track to your ears. The lyrics use the imagery of the Tin Man to bring someone disconnected from their emotions to life. This is thrown out the window on the chorus which brings a blast of energy and good vibes. It is the chorus that offers the alternative meaning of the track while giving you hope that the disconnect you feel can be overcome. His vocals are absolutely perfect for this track and make you want to shout out with him while having a complete blast.

Ben Dalby has you shouting out with him and bopping to his infectious sound through the energetic rollercoaster that is ‘Tin Man’. The single takes you from sad isolation to bubbling energy and good vibes using a melodic ride that cannot be denied. Dalby’s vocals are as infectious as the melody and will get you singing along whether you want to or not.

Find out more about Ben Dalby on his website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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