PKAY – Pls Call Me (2022)

‘Pls Call Me’ by PKAY is the final track on her latest album Letters from the 99 and brings the tale of the tracks to a close. Moving from the angry tones of the other tracks, this release has a more plaintive movement that brings a depth of emotion. Packed with slow-building strings and a complete lack of percussion, the single is an emotive storytelling masterpiece.

For this single, and the album as a whole, PKAY draws on her own experiences of heartbreak. Since her first experience of this emotion, she has been using music as a creative outlet for her pain, frustration and sorrow. To bring these emotions to life, she brings the vulnerability of singer-songwriters to the modern flows of alternative pop.

The keys that open ‘Pls Call Me’ have a slightly broken feeling to them as they draw you into the soundscape. This broken tone flows into a more melodic movement that is packed with melancholy. There is a haunting feeling to the melody that is really beautiful and is enhanced by the delicate swell of the strings. The interplay between the keys and strings is stunning and moves from melancholy to a delicate strength that lets you know that you can move on from the pain you feel. The lack of percussion is an interesting melodic decision, but actually makes the single more powerful. The flow of the music dances around you without the percussion and leads you into the emotions of the track.

AS the instrumentation draws you into the emotions of the melody, PKAY’s vocals reach into your chest and tug at your heartstrings. There is a sorrowful feeling to her performance as she lays her emotions on the line. The lyrics are an honest conversation with someone you used to love and feel could still be the one for you. While the lyrics reach out for this person from your past, they are tinged with the pain of heartbreak and a light understanding that things may never be the same again. It is a very powerful emotive performance that is relatable. Her voice also rides the movement of the melody with the organic instrumentation, enhancing the power of her performance.

PKAY uses emotive vocals and delicate instrumentation to draw you into the plaintive emotions of ‘Pls Call Me’. The melody flows through the keys and swell of strings to bring the first touch of emotion. Her vocals ride the flow of the music, while tugging at your heartstrings.

Find out more about PKAY on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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