J. Levi – Summer Never Lasts (2021)

While nothing lasts forever, it always seems that the good things always come to an end much faster. J. Levi is bringing the longing for these good things to last to our ears with his aptly titled single ‘Summer Never Lasts’. Paying tribute to a 10-day road trip he and his wife went on, he touches on the places they stopped and the vibes that came with them.

Threaded through the celebration of good times is a strong yearning for them to never end. While he has been making music since 1992, his music has evolved over the years from Christian rap to a fusion of pop and RnB. Written for his wife after she stated that none of his other songs were for her, he brings an intangible experience to melodic glory.

‘Summer Never Lasts’ swipes into your ears like a sudden rush of air before the clicking beats take over. There is a really smooth feeling to the melody that is all summer heat and good vibes. This twirls into a seductive arrangement that is all light tones and shuffling beats. You can feel the ode woven into the track through the movement of the melody. As you listen, you can feel the heat of a summer day on your skin while feeling the affection for another he infuses into every element.

Levi’s vocals are a wonderful mixture of soulful RnB slides and an edge of rap. The chorus is a feast of affection and warmth while the verses pull at the edges of your brain before leading you to a happy place. While there are a lot of good vibes and affection in the track, there is also a longing for everything to continue. In the low levels of the track is an acknowledgement that the good vibes don’t last no matter how much you want them to.

J. Levi brings the heat of summer to your ears through the soulful slides of ‘Summer Never Lasts’. With good vibes aplenty, he brings a touch of reality with the acknowledgement that the good times can’t last forever. A wonderful ode to affection, the single carries a heavy dose of love for someone.

Find out more about J. Levi on his Instagram and Spotify.  

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