Matka – Blue Lagoon (2022)

Matka took us through the inevitable cycle of the world rising out of decay for hopeful new beginnings in ‘Decay’. With their single ‘Blue Lagoon’, the band is moving toward something a little otherworldly. Through the electronic tones, they tell the story of a man disappearing on a boat trip never to be found with the band imagining that he is still alive at the bottom of the sea.

As the man strolls the seabed with his fish friends, the band brings a hypnotic beat that rings like sonar through your ears. The second single from their debut album, it brings a touch of EDM and dance to their extremely catchy electronic pop sound. With massive beats and delicate piano notes, the duo pushes their style and brings a sprinkling of something new to the soundscape.

The sound of ocean waves and seagulls caw opens ‘Blue Lagoon’ to really set the scene. From beneath the surf rises the electronic beats that pulse against your ears like sonar. The beats are deep and vibrate through your sense while the higher electronic tones bring an otherworldliness to the melody. While these electronic tones pop against your ears, the piano creeps in from the side to create a counter melody. It is interesting how the piano line skims over the deep beats and leads you to the glinting light of the sun reflecting off the water. The change in the melody brings the progression of emotions in the track to life in a really interesting way.

As the electronic beats pulse through your brain, Ulrika Sergerberg’s vocals have a hypnotic hook to them. They bring the poetic lyrics to your ears with a delivery that enhances the otherworldly feeling of the track. Through the first half of the track, her performance is packed with sadness and hope that the main character is okay and will be found. As the piano creeps into the melody, the feeling of the vocals turns to a remembrance of the person who has been lost. When the swing in the melody comes through, the vocals turn to a whisper of good wishes.

Matka takes us on an otherworldly journey using sonar beats, electronic pop tones and hypnotic vocals in ‘Blue Lagoon’. The melody uses a layered approach with the piano line creeping into the deep beats. The vocals reach out and surround you as you are drawn into the poetic telling of the single’s story.

Find out more about Matka on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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