Superlate – Petals (2021)

Layering sun-drenched beats atop engaging melodies and lyricism, UK-based producer Superlate finds the delicate balance between indie and dance. With only two songs to his name, you might consider him a newbie in the music scene. Alright, he might be a newbie but he is by no means a “sit in the corner” newbie. Featured on Clout, Its All Indie, Amazing Radio, BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing and various other online radio stations/playlists, Superlate has curators turning their heads. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘Petals’.

Hot on the heels of his debut single ‘Diamonds’, ‘Petals’ retains the groovy rhythms and chilled vibe but adds a little bit of a punch. Collaborating with his good friend Lou Cas, ‘Petals’ is definitely that “…special track”, as stated by Jack Saunders on BBC Radio 1. Blending elements of pop with indie-rock, this single effortlessly reaches diverse audiences. It may seem to be a contemporary pop song at first, but the incorporation of hard-hitting guitar adds a twist to the single.

Smooth and soothing, ‘Petals’ is a sonic representation of Superlate himself. Having grown up in the coastal city of Cornwall, but now residing in Liverpool, there is a nostalgic sense of happy memories on a sunny beach. Yet, while there is a languid feel to ‘Petals’, Cas’ rough vocals add a new dimension to Superlate’s sound. Lying somewhere between Oasis and Yellowcard, Cas brings a gruffness nodding toward the grittier side of reality.

Quite an innovative single, ‘Petals’ has a lot going for it even with the simplistic lyricism. Having the words “I like you” on a loop might seem ridiculous, but the impact this phrase has is overwhelming. Touching on longing, desire and a little bit of anxiety when it comes to crushes, ‘Petals’ is both mature and innocent. Upbeat with a sense of joviality, the melody gets you smiling but the lyricism definitely delves into areas of vulnerability.

Alright, so maybe I’m overanalysing things too much (big surprise!), but while ‘Petals’ definitely hints at vulnerability, there is a cheekiness about it. According to Superlate, “…writing ‘Petals’ was one of the most natural experiences I’ve ever had when it comes to songwriting. It truly was a day of goofing about and making noise for fun…I can hear the energy and positivity of a great summer with your mates come through massively in the track.”

What is my final verdict on ‘Petals’? Overall, I love the song. I can see it being played at a party with people swaying along to the melody. With a naughty wink and cheeky grin, Superlate and Lou Cas will sweep your hearts away with this anthemic single.

For more from Superlate check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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