Track of the Day: Sunset Collective – Happiness Is A Hangover

Have you ever had a hangover? Most of us can answer yes. While the hangover is hell to deal with it typically is a sign of a good night out and Sunset Collective has captured this feeling wonderfully with ‘Happiness Is A Hangover’. Formed in late-2019, the UK-based fivesome is taking life experiences and turning them into engaging music. Beginning with a blast performing at the O2 Academy Sheffield Main Stage in 2019, Sunset Collective is known for their energetic, engaging and infectious shows. The latest addition to their critically acclaimed discography is ‘Happiness Is A Hangover’.

Reminiscent of Matchbox Twenty and Goo Goo Dolls, Sunset Collective’s ‘Happiness Is A Hangover’ melds old-school alternative rock with contemporary indie-rock. Moving away from the high-paced ‘Wire’ and ‘Take Me Home’ with some punk influences, the new track showcases the group’s versatility with genres. Innovative to the core, Sunset Collective showcase their flexibility to traverse different styles but maintaining a distinctive sound.

Far more mellow than their previous releases, the new single combines jangle-pop guitars with a steady drumline wrapping you in a comfortable swirl of sound. Toe-tapping and infectious with melodic harmonies, ‘Happiness Is A Hangover’ is rich and warm made for soothing a banging headache. Yet, while the single is laidback and buoyant, the captivating lyricism is insightful and reflective with some possibly unintentional depth to the content.

Combining Rob Thomas-esque vocals with lighthearted lyricism, ‘Happiness Is A Hangover’ is a sonic representation of the good side of a hangover. Elegantly traversing the charming instrumentation, Sunset Collective create a vivid image of an inebriated individual grinning from ear to ear and giggling with friends, despite the dull headache, about all cringe-worthy things that transpired the night before. Beautiful in its languid nature, ‘Happiness Is A Hangover’ is evocative, amusing and enjoyable with a lingering sense of jovial nostalgia.

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