Carron & Nutty P – Living in the Light (2020)

As many people are entering another lockdown, Carron is looking to give us a moment of joy with her single ‘Living in the Light’. Using her fresh and unique style, she is bringing some much-needed positivity and hope. Through the single, she reminds us that we can overcome this and that we are all feeling the burden together. While highlighting the moments of joy, she wraps them in nostalgic recollections.

Carron has been honing her distinctive sound over the last 10 years. She started experimenting with recording her own music while working as a professional dancer. Drawing on her own positivity, inclusivity and passion, she has teamed up with Anton ‘Nutty P’ Flanders for a melding of styles in this single.

‘Living in the Light’ has a very light melodic opening. The tones are full of summery vibes that fill you with positivity before some hip-hop beats pound in. The melding of these two melodic threads is wonderfully achieved and is infused with a hopeful positivity. This melodic flow captures the fresh and unique style Carron has to offer while lifting a burden from your shoulders. The melody has a somewhat simple flow, but this seems to bolster the feel-good vibes of the track.

Carron’s vocals enter as an almost spoken-word line that matches the pounding hip-hop beats. This flows into a more melodic tone for the chorus. Her performance has a lightness to it that acts like the warms rays of the sun heating the cold aspects of the world. Through her vocals, your attention is turned to the moments of joy in the madness of the world. Later in the single, Nutty P enters with his own flowing rap verse. There is an unbelievably smooth transition from Carron’s vocals to Nutty P which allows his performance to further enhance the good vibes of the track.

The positive vibes of the track come through wonderfully in the music video. The video starts with Carron in a park shaking off the bad of the year with video snippets cutting in. Some of these snippets are joyful and fun while others bring the reality of the world into sharp focus. Overall, the video has a very easy pace and vibe that lets you breathe easy and enjoy the fun moments.

Carron and Nutty P are giving us a moment of much-needed joy and positivity in the upbeat single ‘Living in the Light’. Throughout the track, there is a thread of joy as the vocals turn your attention to the good of the past year. The melody pumps these vibes through you while the music video is an easy reminder of the fun of life.

Find out more about Carron on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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