Movie Club – Driftwood (2020)

Movie Club is an instrumental and minimalist duo that formed in 2018. Jessamyn Violet and Vince Cuneo performed their first show for a Cal Jam party and have been writing and recording together ever since. ‘Driftwood’ is the latest addition to their musical catalogue.

The instrumental rock tune includes everything that you love about indie and garage rock. The accompanying music video is also a joy to watch as the band pays tribute to eight iconic music venues around LA. The video features the band busking outside these venues.

‘Driftwood’ gets you into a fun vibe from the very start. While the opening is not very lively, there is this underlying beat that is absolutely infectious. This opening gives way to heavier guitars, but the lightness remains. The notes have this sense of drifting away while still being anchored to the ground. Throughout the song, there are these wisps of notes that come and go which add a little something to the song.

As the song progresses, there are these hard-hitting guitar riffs that are great. In the background, you also notice some wavering synths that seem to enhance the guitars. To top everything off, there is this very rock and roll finish that is the perfect end to this enjoyable track.

Movie Club uses their musical prowess to keep you hooked on the instrumental ‘Driftwood’. The track has hard-hitting guitars, wavering synths and a gentle sense of drifting away only to crash back down.

Find out more about Movie Club on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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