Bones In Butter – Never Without You (2021)

For approximately one year, nine months to be specific, The Other Side Reviews has followed the progression of Belgrade-based quintet Bones In Butter. From their debut ‘Where Have All The Followers Gone? (Take Two)’ to ‘Littlewing’ and ‘Sad Girl’, Bones In Butter share a unique personality with all of their songs; yet, still retaining a sound that is completely Bones In Butter. Featured on Nexus Music Blog, Less Than 1000 Followers and YMX, the group is reaching audiences on an international scale inserting themselves firmly into the indie music scene. The latest addition to their critically acclaimed discography is ‘Never Without You’.

Hot on the heels of their track ‘This Is Not What You Promised Us’ (read our review here), ‘Never Without You’ adopts a smoother, more flowing arrangement. Still influenced by post-punk sentiments, there is an almost grunge-based flavour in the mix. Teetering on the border of synthetic and organic styles, Bones In Butter combines guitars and drums with strong synth undertones. The expert layering and textures show how each instrument can have dominance while coming together as a beautifully united whole. Not only that, we hear how the elegant dips and crescendos lead into catchy choruses prompting a kaleidoscopic soundscape.

Enhancing the dark and mysterious otherworldliness of ‘Never Without You’ is the haunting vocals of Milutin Krasevic. Floating or rather suspended in an ethereal haze, the simplistic execution by Krasevic pushes you onto a smooth sonic river without too many ripples. Unlike previous tracks where there is a strong social commentary, Krasevic shares that ‘Never Without You’ is “…just a love song. It’s a song about devotion, loyalty, dependence and enchantment.” I can honestly state that Bones In Butter have enchanted me with this intriguing tune. I cannot wait to see what else the band has in store for 2022!

For more from Bones In Butter check out their official website and Spotify.

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