Track of the Day: Sabreen Islam – Like A Movie

Influenced by the likes of dodie, Conan Gray and Hozier, New Zealand native Sabreen Islam shares her obscure pop-influenced sound with the masses. Hailing from Auckland, the singer-songwriter has been on the scene for several years performing at the Others Way Festival in 2018 and releasing well-received singles like ‘Glow’ and ‘Let Me Dream A While’. Featured on notable blogs like Less Than 1000 Followers and Sinusoidal Music, as well as various playlists, Islam is slowly building an international following as each month passes. The latest addition to her well-received discography is ‘Like A Movie’.

Following her pop single ‘Glow’, ‘Like A Movie’ is the second instalment of her pop-oriented trilogy. While some people may consider all pop songs to sound the same, Islam shows this is not the case transitioning from the upbeat bubble-gum pink ‘Glow’ to a softer, smoother and flowing sound in ‘Like A Movie’. Attempting to find the line between synthetic and organic, the single has an interesting melodic arrangement melding synthetic beats with interspersed underlying piano. Moreover, the simplicity of the arrangement with tender vocals atop the instrumentation highlights how pop tracks can touch people on a deeper level.

Written, recorded and produced by Islam, ‘Like A Movie’ touches on the conceptual desire for life to follow fantastical storylines like being in a film. Reality can be tough and many of us wish for the fairy-tail endings of some rom-com; however, this just isn’t true. I would love to find my Mr Darcy and be like Bridget Jones but that is not life and I have to accept it. Yet, when listening to the personal narrative of Islam’s emotive single, it helps to know that I am not the only one longing for life to play out like stories in popular culture.

In addition to the sentimental single, Islam released a homemade music video for ‘Like A Movie’. You can view the video below or via her YouTube channel.

For more from Sabreen Islam check out her official website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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