Gilles Snowcat – Tiffany (The Festival Babe) (2020)

While the pandemic has cancelled festivals and concerts, there is nothing stopping you from getting down to flashy funk and dirty grooves. This is where Gilles Snowcat comes in with his single ‘Tiffany (The Festival Babe)’. Drawing on his upbeat sounds, he takes you to Tiffany’s festival followed by a breakfast at Audrey’s.

Part of his album You’ve Been Unboxing Gilles Snowcat, the single infuses you with dancing beats that get you moving to a festival in your home. While Snowcat plays the majority of the instruments and sings, he is joined by hetpampa (guitar, bass), Elvira Lanza (backing vocals), Pat Lenon (backing vocals) and Paul J. No (backing vocals). Together they create a soundscape you can’t help moving to.

‘Tiffany (The Festival Babe)’ slowly builds up the scene with some marimbas and funky tones. The melody has you gently moving to its funky vibes. There is a very Caribbean vibe to the melody that is both infectious and chill. The horns that build from the back of the melody add to the fun and offer a hint of playfulness to the track. You can easily imagine swaying to the music while holding a drink and having a great time with friends.

The vocals have a very interesting structure that adds to the lively tones. This turns into something more atmospheric closer to the end of the track as they become hazy and meld with the melody. The vocals don’t seem to be the focus of this track as they form another layer of the melody. They blend into the overall flow of the music which is different from what you normally hear.

Gilles Snowcat has you moving to dirty grooves and having fun to the infectious sounds of ‘Tiffany (The Festival Babe)’. The instrumentation of the single is the drawing point as it fills you with a chilled energy while making you move to it. The vocals have a very interesting structure as they slither through your senses and draw you further under Tiffany’s spell.

Find out more about Gilles Snowcat on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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