Mihi Nihil – Vertigo (2020)

Internal conflict can be a tightrope act full of tension and spiralling emotions. This is the trip Mihi Nihil takes you on with their single ‘Vertigo’. Through the rhythmic soundscape, you are taken through feelings of self-loathing, discovery and accepting yourself for who you are. The spiral of emotions thick in this single has helped it gain attention and placement in the film ‘The High Note’.

The emotional range of the single comes from the band’s approach to life and music. Adam Alt (drums), Nick Steinberg (bass), Benjamin Montoya (guitar) and Mihi Vox (vocals) create their music in one room while being open to each other and the music. This approach creates a unique soundscape that encompasses the essence of the band.

‘Vertigo’ grabs your attention with the bass that pulses through you and combines with higher guitar notes. The steady thread created by the bass continues to lead you into the song. The melody has this grounded feeling, but there are these notes that waver in the higher levels that add a sense of vertigo to the track. This almost wobbling sensation helps enhance the message and overall tone of the track.

Vox’s vocals have an almost hazy vibe to them as they rest as this light layer over the melody. At times, it seems like the vocals are coming through a barrier or are just out of reach. This is a great sonic device that adds to the emotions of the track. It makes you feel like acceptance of yourself is just out of reach. However, as the song progresses, the lyrics help you work through self-loathing and end with acceptance.

The music video for the single captures the message of the track and portrays it in an easy to digest manner. You are taken through the story of a man who suffers from all the negative emotions highlighted in the song. Through the video, he comes to accept himself and it is really wonderful to watch. The messaging is both open and subtle which is a great combination that really makes you connect with the lyrics.

Mihi Nihil takes you on an emotional trip from self-loathing to self-acceptance in their single ‘Vertigo’. The song grabs your attention with the bass before the vocals swirl around you. The official music video is wonderful and provides a visual portrayal of the messaging of the track.

Find out more about Mihi Nihil on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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