Bronston – Nightmares (2020)

Bronston hooked us with their charting of the struggles of managing mental health that is ‘Temples & Mines’. Now they are back with a reflection on the challenge of resisting external threats to your mental health in ‘Nightmares’. As the band works through the effect pressure from others has on your mental health, they also provide a way of thinking that can help.

In these turbulent times, everyone needs their own space to be who they want to be. An unapologetic perspective on life fills this single and just might give you the boost you need to swing your way of thinking. While the song works through emotions, it is also an ode to a new way of thinking that lets you be you.

The combination of guitars and in-your-face beats grabs your attention from the first moment of ‘Nightmares’. There is something so unique about the opening that you can’t help but smile and get into it. The pulsing melody has an almost disjointed feeling to it which actually works perfectly with the lyrics and message of the track. Each element of the melody works like a sonic representation of the external pressures you can face.

The more melodic flow of the track is provided by the vocals. The flow of vocalist Campbell’s performance gives you a melodic thread to slide along. There is something forlorn about his performance that is very easy to connect with. However, as the song continues, this tone gives way to something more unapologetic and confident. You are filled with a sense that you can be sad about people not understanding you, but this does not have to change you or suffocate who you are.

Bronston offers you a new perspective on life and the strength to withstand external threats to your mental health in ‘Nightmares’. The track offers forlorn vocals that turn into an unapologetic statement and rocking beats that sonically represent the pressures you face. By the end of the song, you will feel that you can be who you are regardless of what others think.

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