Bullpup – Veronica Sawyer’s Big Day Out (2021)

With the aim of creating theatre-inspired emo music, Brian Bisson, Trevor Sullivan, Tim Collins and Jon Garniss combined their skills in a passionate fusion of sound. Following their first release ‘No One Must Die’, the lads knew something was missing – that something was childhood friend Robby Beland. Recruiting Beland filled out their sound and Bullpup was born in all its emo glory.

Drawing inspiration from bands like My Chemical Romance, Bullpup have a reputation for being engaging, hard-hitting and attention-grabbing. In fact, since their formation in 2019, the US-based quintet has featured on The Indie Review, Edgar Allan Poets, Roadie Music and Less Than 1000 Followers turning heads on an international scale. The latest addition to their well-received discography is ‘Veronica Sawyer’s Big Day Out’.

A fan of the film Heathers, I was immediately drawn to the title ‘Veronica Sawyer’s Big Day Out’. If you are not aware of Heathers, here’s a brief summary: it is about a girl (Veronica) who chooses to rid her high school of bullies who happen to all be named Heather. Think Mean Girls two decades ago with some controversial content. Yet, while the film is decades old, the concept of the story remains in today’s society and Bullpup unabashedly took it on.

Touching on issues of homophobia, transphobia and sexual assault in the music industry, ‘Veronica Sawyer’s Big Day Out’ uses provocative material as a means of expression. Not only is the song cathartic but it explores the frustration, pain and isolation felt by individuals experiencing cases of bullying or assault. In an overwhelmingly theatric manner, Bullpup shouts out the angst, aggression and desperation that is so desperately needed.

Highly reminiscent of My Chemical Romance and Paramore with a twinge of Slipknot in the mix, Bullpup hit a home run with this stirring single. The combination of pounding drums, powerful guitars and rich vocals tip you into a kaleidoscopic whirlpool of sound. While ear-shatteringly loud with screeching guitar solos, there is a melodic flow to this torrent of distress. What I enjoy most is the movement from a hyped guitar-filled introduction to a soul-stirring breakdown at the end. Glynnis Brennan’s moving vocals add a haunting element to the song that lingers long after the single stops.

The sonic representation of turbulent existential truths, ‘Veronica Sawyer’s Big Day Out’ is gritty, brutal and powerful in its message. Writing songs that are blunt, brash and brutally honest, Bullpup is not afraid to make a statement with realistic introspection – something people really need to hear. I cannot wait for more from this US-based fivesome.

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