Hyooman – Half Brain (2021)

Toxic behaviours and high art are two things that you generally wouldn’t put together. This is exactly what Hyooman are doing with their sarcastic and engaging debut single ‘Half Brain’. A track told in two parts, it touches on someone’s toxic behaviour and them feeling that you would not understand their feelings before hitting out at high art. Through the sections, the band moves from witty sarcasm to self-deprecation.

To introduce themselves to listeners, Leng Moua (vocals, guitar), McCoy Seitz (drums, vocals), Tamara Alswager (guitar, vocals), Elise Bremer (keys, vocals) and Dillon Marchus (bass) forgo overproduction and settle on a raw sound. With a soundscape that embraces mistakes, the band highlights the emotions of the lyrics. The band came together through their individual relationships with Moua after he finished writing the album.

‘Half Brain’ rolls into your head with an engaging drumline. The guitars slide over the beats to call you into the rather mellow vibes of the track. There is a sunny feeling to the music which is a little at odds with the lyrics. Through the guitars, you are hit with a gentle breeze that cools sun hot skin and makes you smile. There is a touching honesty to the melody that comes through in the organic feeling of the production. You can easily imagine the band sitting around and playing the single while the sun shines through the windows.

The mellow and almost chilled vibes of the track is a wonderful contrast to the lyrics. The first section of the track is all sarcasm as the band introduces you to the toxic behaviours of someone. There is an almost smirk in the chorus as they sarcastically state the lyrics. The second section of the track takes a turn from sarcasm to self-deprecation even as the chorus’ lyrics remain the same. The layering of the vocals adds to the mellow vibes of the music while enhancing the emotional impact of the track.

Hyooman offer a warm introduction to their sound through the mellow vibes, sarcasm and self-deprecation of ‘Half Brain’. Their debut single has a wonderful warmth that radiates throughout the music and vocals. While the chilled melody as you floating along the soundscape, the vocals and lyrics move from sarcasm to self-deprecation with an incredible ease.

Find out more about Hyooman on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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