Buttered – Love (2021)

With golden skin, bright smiles and even brighter hair, the blond duo Buttered are slipping into your head like butter on bread. Alright, that was terrible but at least I tried. Hailing from Australia, Scott Dalton and Jackson James Smith combines the elements of soul, jazz and pop to make even Quincy Jones groove. Having formed only last year (2020), you would consider them an unknown talent but this just isn’t true. Their Aussie charm and chilled tunes have gained international acclaim with airplay across the globe. The latest addition to their well-received discography is ‘Love’.

Growing up with the dulcet tones of George Benson, The Commodores and Luther Vandross, it’s clear that I would love Buttered. Nodding to the sultry sounds of yesteryear, the lads bring a contemporary twist to the distinctive jazz meets soul of Motown. Following the electrifying single ‘Electrify’, Buttered adds a layer of sensuality to the already captivating melodies. ‘Love’ does not show many transitions in sound or style, but there is an underlying quality bringing out the essence of sultriness.

Touching on elements of commitment, true love and the “warm fuzzies” that a strong connection can bring, ‘Love’ transports you to a loved-up happy place. Beautifully textured, the single combines soft organ notes, gentle guitar work, rich vocals and even some finger-clicking to hit that sweet spot. Buttered explains that “‘Love’ blends groove and emotion leaving the listener feeling elevated…the shape and size of our love in every part of our lives colours and intensifies everything we are.”

Yes, the melody provides the foundation for ‘Love’, but it is the lyricism and execution that truly beguile one. Bold vocals add a warmth to the track enhancing its tenderness and sentimentality. The lyricism can seem superficial but there is a degree of depth to the content. Not only is the duo introspective and nostalgic, it is the sonic representation of true love.

For more from Buttered, check out their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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