Bvrden – Dangerous (2020)

Bvrden uses their debut single ‘Dangerous’ to tell the story of falling to rock bottom and becoming a better person. Through the single, they tell the tale of a man who loses his faith and falls into vices that make everything worse. Once at rock bottom, he realises that the best way to fight his negative emotions is to let go and express what he feels freely. This leads to the push to become a better person.

This motivational single was inspired by the breakdown of a personal relationship. The strong emotions and following breakdown Bvrden felt were moulded into the musical concept behind this single. Through an alternative rock soundscape, you are drawn into the story and feel each emotion in vivid colour.

‘Dangerous’ hits you with some infectious guitars from the start of the track. The melody hooks your chest and will not let go as you are drawn into the story of the lyrics. The pounding of the guitars is a lot of fun to listen to as it gives way to a more melodic flow on the chorus. There is something almost anthemic about the soaring flow of the track on the chorus that you get swept away in. The pace of the drums adds to the guitars to get your heart pumping to the melody.

Over the infectious melody is a very smooth vocal performance. The story of the lyrics flow over you and you can easily fall into the emotions of the performance. The harmonisations on the chorus add to the soaring anthemic feeling. While you are drawn into the vibe of the track, the lyrics paint a vivid picture. The emotive performance pumps the emotions of the tale directly into your brain so you fall and rise again with the narrative.

Bvrden takes you on an emotional journey through the tale of hitting rock bottom and getting up again that is ‘Dangerous’. The miserable emotions are pumped into you through the pulsing melody while the vocals tell you a story. However, by the end of the song, you are able to rise again and become a better person.

Find out more about Bvrden on their Instagram and Spotify.

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