cable tv – rafters (2022)

cable tv spoke on a deep level to anyone who has relationship doubts with his single ‘Sucker’. Now, he is considering being your own worst enemy in the ode to 90s RnB and synths ‘rafters’. Touching on a range of themes including toxic masculinity and self-doubt, the single is a sonic expression of the darker parts of your psyches.

While the melody is packed with some old-school RnB toplines, there is an avant-garde twist to the alternative pop body of the track. Continuing his ability to connect with listeners on another level, the single plays introspection against the demons that live in the dark corners of our brains. If you are in the mood for a deep single that sounds quite unlike anything else you might hear, this is definitely the song for you.

‘rafters’ has quite an epic opening that is packed with dramatic flairs and theatrical goodness. The tumble of tones that follows continues the building progression before the RnB tones dance through the high levels. It is an intense melody that brings a lot of different sonic devices together for an incredibly engaging listening experience. There is a smoothness to the movement that is stunning when you consider the different tones and styles being combined. There is a dark-pop undertone that creates the tension of negativity only for the RnB overtones to slide and snap over them to push at this darkness. The avant-garde touch of the melody perfectly captures the nebulous nature of our minds and the constant push and pull of emotions.

As the melody draws you into the battle of dark and light within our brains, the lyrics add an introspective touch. There is an RnB touch to the vocals as they enter and draw you into the thoughts that flit through our brains. This is tempered by an electronic vocal line that brings a more quizzical feeling to the track. The verses are packed with the grasping tendrils of darkness that try to pull you into the negative areas of the brain only to be pushed back by the dramatic flair of the chorus. It is an incredible single that brings the notion of being your own worst enemy to life in the best possible way.

Through the avant-garde tones of ‘rafters’, cable tv considers being your own worst enemy by playing smooth vocals against latching darkness. The melody is an intense and dramatic combination of sounds and styles that bring the interplay of emotions to life. His vocals slide with a smooth touch through the introspective verses only to gain an electronic edge on the chorus to chase the darkness away.

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