Hillary Capps – I Didn’t Know (2020)

Hillary Capps was inspired to write ‘I Didn’t Know’ after the 2016 shooting at Pulse in Orlando. It is a poignant reminder to her and anyone listening that we should let those close to us know what they mean in our lives while we are able to. While the single was written at that moment, the recent loss of lives has brought a new sense of urgency to the message of the track.

Released as a single, Capps hopes to offer some peace, connection and solidarity during the challenging times we face. Being able to work through loss and reminding ourselves of how much we love those close to us is something that many people need right now. Through her thoughtful lyricism and catchy melodies, Capps is able to offer you a connection even if you have not been hit by unexpected loss.

‘I Didn’t Know’ opens with a piano line that you can’t help but fall into. The notes lead you to Capps dulcet tones that wrap around you like a soft shawl. The relative simplicity of the melody makes the track hit a lot harder. There is something about that piano line that cuts your heart and makes you quite emotional.

The depth provided by the piano line enhances Capps’ vocals. As they wrap around you, she draws you into the rise and fall of the song’s emotions. There is a deep sadness to the single as she talks about people leaving too soon. It is this emotion that makes you want to connect with your loved ones and let them know what they mean to you. Entwined with this sadness is a yearning to see or speak to someone who is gone just one more time.

Hillary Capps leaves you feeling emotional and wanting to contact your loved one with her single ‘I Didn’t Know’. The single is drenched in sadness and makes you want to hug someone you love. The simplicity of the single enhances the message and drives it home.

Find out more about Hillary Capps on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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