Immy Sleep – April Showers (2021)

With her debut single ‘April Showers’, Immy Sleep is connecting with anyone who has missed someone they love. Using a delicate alt-pop sound, she fills you with the longing that most of us can relate to after the last year. As an introduction to her sound, there is a defining sound to the music that makes you excited for what she has for us in the future.

The single was written and produced by Immy Sleep in her bedroom. While this is her debut, she has been writing and performing music since 13 and is studying music in Brighton. Using a warm sound, she draws on inspiration from a variety of artists.

‘April Showers’ strums gently into your ears with a soothing warmth. The melody has a lovely softness that comforts you while drawing you into the emotions of the lyrics. Through the lightly shuffling tones, Immy Sleep fills you with a delicate sense of longing. This is very subtly handled and does not overwhelm you much like the feeling of missing someone who is not around. The guitar-driven melody allows you to move forward while still holding onto that thread of yearning. There is a moment of guitar solo later in the track that eases you into a plush cushion of sound.

Over the melody, her vocals glow like an ember offering some warmth while pulling you into a dimmed sense of life. This perfectly captures the emotions that are laced into each word. There is a poetic feeling to the lyrics that is woven into a light storytelling vibe. Her performance is as easing as the melody and they combine for a gentle listening experience. Through the lyrics, she touches on a few situations that we can all connect with making the single more relatable overall.

Immy Sleep uses her debut single ‘April Showers’ to fill you with an understated sense of longing while getting you excited about her music. The melody has a warmth that wraps around you and eases you into a plush cushion of sound. Her vocals are laced with emotion while glowing like a fiery ember.

Find out more about Immy Sleep on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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