Calon – Familiar (2020)

There are a lot of love songs out there, but not that many for people who have not actually found love yet. This little niche is where ‘Familiar’ by Calon rests as it looks at being optimistic and taking chances to find the love you want. The upbeat message is pushed through on a laidback soundscape that fills you with a sense of endless possibilities.

The single continues the honest and heartfelt sounds that form the signature of Calon’s music. The open songwriting connects with anyone who is feeling a little lost these days. Championing the struggles of the individual, this song is able to connect with a group that many love songs bypass.

‘Familiar’ hits you with this wonderful jazzy opening full of cool guitars and brushed drums. The melody gets your head moving to its groovy beat from the first second and you can’t help but sink into the richness of the sound. The laidback vibe of the track is like a warm day with the sun lightly heating your skin. The ease feeling this melody injects into you stays for the entire track and has you feeling quite good at the end.

The easy and laidback flow of the song does not end with the melody. Calon’s vocals have this smooth and cool vibe that melds with the melody for some jazzy goodness. His vocals also add to the upbeat feeling of the lyrics that open you to the possibilities the world has to offer. The lyrics are relatable and encourage you to take a chance.

Calon uses a jazzy laidback soundscape to encourage you to take a chance with ‘Familiar’. This love song for those who have not found it yet offers an optimistic message laced into the easy melody. It is a song that you can close your eyes and fall back into with confidence.

Find out more about Calon on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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