FiveSidedDice – Confession Tapes 2 (2021)

FiveSidedDice had us marvelling at their combination of different composition styles with their EP Disposable, Pt 1. With this latest EP Confession Tapes 2, this one-man band draws listeners into a world of honesty and transparency. As with the EP’s predecessor, the tracks are packed with the raw expression of inner self while touching on struggles we have all faced from social alienation to love.

The EP also continues the blending of different styles and genres while creating a cohesive whole. Each track brings a new vibe and style to the soundscape while retaining the ethos and balance of honesty and vulnerability that characterises this musical project. As the tracks move from negatives to positives, you will feel liberated by the end through the sheer power of honesty.

The EP opens with ‘Rest Your Head’ and the gentle strum that offers a stop-start vibe before sliding into a really great melodic flow. There is something about the melody that makes you want to sway to the sound before the indie-rock tones make themselves known. As the lyrics touch on insomnia and social struggles, you are filled with a punchy feeling of you against the world. This sinks back into the gentle movement before rising on the building tension of anger. It is a wonderful track that really captures the ebb and flow of emotions that are exacerbated by a lack of sleep. There is a rolling guitar later in the track that you should keep an ear out for.

‘The Carved Names’ brings a jazzier sound to your ears. The jazz vibes mix with soulful flows to draw you into the piano-driven soundscape. It is a wonderful river of softness compared to the punch of the last track. While the music is soft and soulful, there is this growl to the vocals that adds a new dimension to the track. The lyrics touch on insecurities and the impermanence of everything around us. The soulful flows have a reflective feeling while the vocals bring the turbulent emotions we have all felt at some time to life. It is an amazing blending of tones that creates a really powerful song.

The reflective tones of the last track slide into ‘Ride with Me’ while transforming into a modern flow. The vocals get a rap edge to them that brings the modern edge to the track while hitting you with some urban vibes. Through all of this, the lyrics touch on mental health and self-growth. The movement of the music is wonderful as it starts as reflective and heavy before moving to a blast of punk-rock goodness that puts a smile on your face. This song really lets you know that regardless of what you have gone through, there is something bright waiting in your future. It is a poignant message that is brought to your ears with an earnest honesty that really drives it home.

‘Hold Me Up’ has you floating on the roll of sound which is so soft and gentle that you want to close your eyes and give in to it. This continues even when the rock-edged vocals come through and the beats rise from the depth. While the vocals have a rock edge to them, they are tender in their consideration of emotions. Through the track, the vocals confront insecurities and come to terms with the ways we differ from each other. If you are feeling lost and alone, this is the track you need to listen to as it bolsters your sense of self and lets you know you are not actually alone in what you feel.

The EP comes to a close with ‘Thank You’ which does exactly what it says on the tin. The piano-driven melody is almost theatrical in its movement which adds a strength to the honesty of the track. Through the lyrics, the track acknowledges the people in our lives who have helped us through the dark times and given us the support we need. The vocals are more subdued on this track than the rest of the EP which enhances the emotive hit. It is a wonderful way to end the EP as it offers the appreciation we all feel to those special people in our lives. The spoken message from FiveSidedDice on the track is also an amazing touch.

FiveSidedDice bring honest reflections and emotions to our ears while touching on struggles and issues we all know too well in Confession Tapes 2. The EP continues the genre-defying stylings of this musical project while reaching out through the soundscape to embrace you. Each track is packed with struggles only to offer the helping hand you need to overcome them.

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