Lloyd Mark Sutton – Trim The Sails (2020)

There are events that happen in life that force you to change direction and recreate yourself. If you are looking for a soundtrack to these times, Lloyd Mark Sutton is here for you. His single ‘Trim the Sails’ started out as a poem about these events and turned into the Americana folky goodness it is today. Working through these events and the emotions they invoke, the jazzy folk soundscape carries you away to the hinterland.

The timeless sound of his music has you drifting to where Sutton wants to take you. With skills and style honed over the years, he connects with you on a level that few others can, turning something personal into a shared experience.

‘Trim The Sails’ draws you in with a wonderful guitar strum and haunting strings. The melody sweeps you to a time in the past and puts you out in the wild. Those haunting strings combine perfectly with the guitar to create this layered melody that you can’t help but float along to. The interplay between the instruments creates a whole world on its own, but it is just enhanced by the vocals.

Sutton’s vocal performance is balladic and draws on Americana folk of years gone by. His voice has this amazing flow to it that you can’t help but get into. The timeless soundscape of his music is on full display with this single as you are hit with something familiar yet new. You can hear the poetry of the lyrics as the vocals swirl around you.

Lloyd Mark Sutton uses a timeless sound to turn personal experiences into a collective event in ‘Trim The Sails’. Through his Americana folk vibes, you are swept into a soundscape that is both familiar and new. The haunting strings combine with his balladic vocal performance for a wonderfully soft sonic experience.

Find out more about Lloyd Mark Sutton on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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