Bloom’s Taxonomy – Locked In (2020)

Are you looking to meander along the path connecting the claustrophobic confines of the brain and space-age techno? Well, Bloom’s Taxonomy is here to help with his single ‘Locked In’. The single, along with its B-side ‘Sterile Spring’ take the atmospheric nature of space techno and placed it within the confining walls of the subconscious.

The solo project of multi-instrumentalist William Fraser, Bloom’s Taxonomy looks to continue the tradition of electronic pioneers while adding a new dimension. In this new direction, a humane and intimate nature is added to the soundscape for a vivid and elaborate creation.

‘Locked In’ uses multiple layers to draw you into the soundscape. There is a delicate tapping at the base of the melody that is overpowered by an almost fog horn-like synth warbling its way along the melody. As the tapping becomes louder, there is a sense of tension created before an eery sound reaches over in the higher levels. The higher level synth creates the atmospheric feeling of the track before you swing into something a little livelier.

The pace of the song picks up and has you gently bouncing to it as you listen. The beats have this great vibe to them that you can’t help but get drawn into. The synths are artfully used to create a rich soundscape that is both expansive and constrained. There is a great movement in this song that leads you through it is the most pleasant way.

Bloom’s Taxonomy artfully uses synths and melodies to create a soundscape that is atmospheric and constrained in ‘Locked In’. Through the music, you are sent into the music’s frame of mind with such ease that the song is a pleasure to listen to at any time.

Find out more about Bloom’s Taxonomy on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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