Camens – Poltergeist (2022)

Camens is bringing a new darkness to their sound with ‘Poltergeist’, as they leave the bright indie-pop of their formative years behind them. More mature, darker and frenetic, the razor sharp single lets you know that in the time since their previous release, they have not been idle in their musical evolution. Continuing to tell intriguing stories, the single is the first taste of their newer sound, packed with their drive and passion.

Since their last single release in 2020, the band has been quiet, while they toiled away looking for ways to build on and hone the skills they have mastered. While their sound has always been one to turn heads, their new direction shows that they have a lot more to offer than previously imagined. The passion that had them playing pop-up gigs at festivals is injected into a maturity that has solidified over the past few years.

The vocals grab you from the first moment of ‘Poltergeist’. The storytelling lyrics are wonderful as they set the scene of the single before leading you into the most catchy chorus ever. The punch of the vocals on the chorus is bolstered by the melody, while the haunting howl of the backing vocals adds an eerie edge to the track. The rock flow of the vocals hooks you to the band’s new sound and gets you really excited for what they are going to offer us next. The story of the lyrics is undeniably engaging and a little dark, which is absolutely wonderful. The way the band has layered the vocals adds to the story while adding this really creepy edge to the track. The more you listen to the performance, the greater the urge to sing out with the band while turning the volume up.

Beneath the attention-grabbing vocals in the opening is a single guitar line that stretches out like a dark road ahead of you. This line is joined by a burst of rock goodness on the chorus that has you instantly rocking out with the band. The instrumentation captures that slightly eerie touch of the vocals and sends a shiver down your spine. There is this one note that makes you feel like someone is watching you, filling you with the urge to turn, only to see nothing. Every element of this single has been perfectly crafted to create the most engaging listening experience possible.

Camens have you rocking out to the dark and slightly creepy vibes of ‘Poltergeist’ while enjoying every second of their new sound. The vocals grab your attention from the first moment and don’t let up for a second. The music reaches out into the darkness before bringing the feeling of being watched to your senses.

Find out more about Camens on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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