Carbon Memory – Rumours (2021)

If Coldplay and U2 were to have a lovechild, the chances are Carbon Memory would be it. With their ambient and obscure sound, the Canada-based quartet presents an otherworldly appearance to the world. This does not mean they look like aliens or anything like that, they look like quite a decent bunch of men. No, what I mean is their sound has an ethereal quality making Carbon Memory’s music wistful with a hazy fog.

Featured on Sinusoidal Music, Volatile Weekly, Canadian Beats and various online radio stations/playlists, Dennis Neves (vocals and guitar), Demian Abal (lead guitar), Andy Ranieri (bass) and Simon Miminis (drums) are turning heads across the blogosphere. Making 2021 a little more tolerable with their various singles, Carbon Memory is building a large following. The latest single from the group is ‘Rumours’.

Unlike the angsty track ‘Tonight’, ‘Rumours’ adopts a smooth and soothing approach from Carbon Memory. Driven by the piano, the track has a simplistic beauty in its acoustic sound; however, the lads show their innovativeness by incorporating a keyboard, electric guitar and drums into the melody. Yet, the tone remains calm and evenly paced as they explore the line between organic and synthetic in a cinematic soundscape.

Tipping you into a swirl of sound, ‘Rumours’ has a heady ambience making you feel as if you are walking through a dream without any guidance. The one anchor in the single is Neves’ warm vocals, but they too have an ethereal haunting about them. This is particularly intriguing as ‘Rumours’ examines human fragility in a tiring reality. Intelligent lyrics are used to represent the delicacy and intricacy of existence while retaining a dream-like wistfulness.

In addition to the single, Carbon Memory released an official music video for ‘Rumours’. Just as the song’s lyricism has a depth looking into truths of reality, the music video is a visual representation of a struggling existence. The lads share that “the music video reflects on the compromising realities of splitting our daily lives between a full-time job in a cold corporate environment and the need to be creative. The video cycles through a series of individuals experiencing corporate burnout and features scenes of corporate puppetry, boardroom intimidations, a dreary commute, delirious meltdowns and a corporate cover-up that goes up in flames.” I was unable to watch the video in its entirety because of lighting that can trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy, but what I did see was heart-breaking with a sense of solace knowing that someone out there knows what you are going through. It really does make a difference.

For more from Carbon Memory check out their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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