Gabriel Urgell Reyes – Altera Majestas (2020)

Gabriel Urgell Reyes has teamed up with the great mezzo-soprano Isabelle Druet for his latest single ‘Altera Majestas’. The single started out as a poem before it was transformed into the blended soundscape it is today. Continuing a common theme for his album, the single observes the human spirit through the lens of another being. Using this theme, the piano and Druet’s vocals form a conversation through the music.

This song is a continuation of the boundary-breaking style Reyes has become known for. Using his creative dynamism and drawing in an eclectic musicality, he fuses contemporary classical music and jazz together. As he redefines the image of classical musicians, his music inundates the senses and leaves you floating in its beauty.

‘Altera Majestas’ uses a textured opening full of different tones to draw you in. This transforms into a deep beat with ambient sounds swirling above it. The piano line is a light tone that filters between the beats offering a light sense of curiosity. The melody is a perfect melding of acoustic piano lines with modern electronic beats. When the vocals enter, the piano line takes a larger role in the melody as it acts as the alien being considering humanity. The movement of the piano line turns from a light curiosity into someone listening before encouraging Druet to move forward.

Druet’s vocals are as interesting a mixture of tones as the melody. Her voice enters with a melodic flow that offers a hint of jazzy blues to the soundscape. This turns into something more aggressive and overwhelmed as the song progresses. You are then covered in an operatic flow after a sonic conversation between the narrative and the piano line.

Gabriel Urgell Reyes has teamed up with Isabelle Druet for the poetic and eclectic single ‘Altera Majestas’. The track offers a textured melody that is enhanced by the movements of Druet’s vocal performance. Through the interplay between her performance and Reyes’ piano, you are encouraged to move forward.

Find out more about Gabriel Urgell Reyes on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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