Cassi Marie – Burn (2021)

Things often do not turn out well for child prodigies. They start out shining brightly, and then they tend to end up in that oh so familiar ‘crash and burn’ idiom. Maybe the burden of being so talented weighs heavy on them, who knows. What about the cases when they just keep on developing and start channelling their talent or talents in so many ways that it benefits both them, people close to them, and in the case of music, their audience? Now, here’s one such bright case Australian prodigy Cassi Marie, who just released a new single under her own name. Oh, and it is called ‘Burn’ – a title without that crash part of the idiom and for a very good reason.

Cassi Marie is 20 years old now and, as far as music goes, she’s not releasing music as a solo artist exclusively, but is also a singer for The English Rain and The Kindly Ravens duo. Although this is not an unusual age for rising artists, bear in mind that Cassi started out at 10 years old writing songs for a clothing company, won a talent search at 12, appeared in an Australian feature film, and at the age of 17, she created an entrepreneurial empire with companies like Minds Clothing and Marshmallow Moon.

‘Burn’ is an absolute folky delight. Showcasing Cassi’s voice and acoustic guitar, it is embellished with minimal additional elements that give the song breath and depth, slowly building to turn it into a very sophisticated ballad. In many cases, when you base a song on just a few seemingly simple elements, it exposes all the eventual problems, both with the songwriting and particularly the vocal capabilities. No problems in that respect here. Cassi shows that she has both songwriting talent and vocal capabilities to match it. At that moment you realise that starting out at an early age and getting accolades are no fluke and if you develop all of them properly, you can only expect even better things.

Watch out for Cassi Marie, she’s on her way up.

For more from Cassi Marie check out her official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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