Cellos – Insomniac (2021)

Since their EP Sea or Sky, Cellos have been honing their sound and building up their new material. Now, they have unleashed new music in the form of ‘Insomniac’, the first track off their upcoming debut album. Taking on the darker side of insomnia, the single brings a crash of drums to searing vocals and serous indie tock tones.

Through the single, the band considers how the night can sneak up on you and pull you into the darkness of insomnia. While edging much closer to the darker side of the deep night, there is a lighter side that is waiting in the wings. As the first taste of what is to come, the single has you excited about their upcoming album and eager to hear more from them.

‘Insomniac’ hits the ground running with a thrumming guitar line that has your head bopping to it. The guitar line hooks its talons into your brain and pulls you further into the track where it is met by a lighter guitar line. The two guitar lines dance around each other with a delicate grace and elegance that lifts something from your chest. As the single progresses, the track picks up a heavier indie rock vibe that really gets the body moving. It is a wonderfully addictive melody that brings a touch of reflection to poignant vocals.

As the thrumming tones of the guitar get your attention, the vocals enter over it. There is a thread of darkness in the opening vocal line that has you feeling smoky tendrils grasping at you in the dark night. The lyrics toe the line of a spiral into madness that can come from a lack of sleep. While this could easily draw you under to the darkness, there is a happier line that comes through later in the track. The lyrics bring a helping hand that chases the darkness away and offers a glimmer of light in the night.

Cellos tap into the darkness of the night while bringing a glimmer of light with the addictive rock tones of ‘Insomniac’. The melody has you hooked to the track from the first thrumming tone. The vocals bring the darkness of the night and the light of a helping hand to sonic glory beautifully.

Find out more about Cellos on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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