Catherine Porter – Dune Road (2021)

We all have special places that hold memories that we are reluctant to let go of. This special place for Catherine Porter was a beach house her parents owned and sold after a loss in the family due to COVID. Through her single ‘Dune Road’ she writes a love letter to the house and all the memories that have been imprinted into the walls over the years.

Woven into this love letter and sending off track is a reflection on the past and all the memories relating to it whether good, bad or bittersweet. This is a theme that carries on to Porter’s upcoming album that captures life-changing moments and pours out with the emotion they bring. With confidence, charm and wit that cannot be duplicated, Porter draws you into the tale of her music while inundating your senses with emotions.

The distant sounds of the ocean merge with the light melodic opening of ‘Dune Road’. There is a reflective haze to the music that has you sitting back and reminiscing about good times. The warmth of the music swells in your senses before you soar on the ocean breeze. Every note of the melody brings emotion to your soul from nostalgia to love and a bittersweet ache. The swells of the music are like the crashing waves of the ocean that remind you of summer holidays and the good times of the past.

As the melody sends you into memories of the beach, the lyrics paint a picture of a home and all the good memories experienced inside its walls. Porter’s vocals are tender and touching as she delicately remembers everything that happened in the house. Her performance has an indulgent smile to it that eases something deep in your soul and fills you with the emotions of the track. The swirl of emotions woven into the melody shines through in her performance as she plucks at happiness and bittersweet sadness. It is a poignant mix that she so confidently infuses into the track with unbelievable ease.

Catherine Porter has you dipping into the ocean waves while soaring on happiness and bittersweet memories with the warm tones of ‘Dune Road’. Every element of the melody adds to the mix of emotions leaving you sinking into the sound and longing for a place that holds all these memories. While a love letter to a place of her past, there is so much that every listener can connect to that makes the single more touching than you can imagine.

Find out more about Catherine Porter on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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