Cave Palace – Far Away (2021)

With ‘Far Away’, Cave Palace is taking a different path from his usual sound. Leaving the synths and drum machines in the past, he turns to mellow guitars and the percussion of James O’Neill. Through this different sound, he considers the pursuit of a meaningful life using reflective tones that lead to a rather comforting sound.

This divergence from the norm showcases the musical versatility of David Rees, the sole musician behind the moniker. While the rest of his music draws on the electronic music scene, this track delves into something calmer and earthier. Drawing on his experience in indie-pop and folk-rock bands, he wraps his skills around a new awareness and perspective.

‘Far Away’ builds through the opening with a light tone that pulls you into a reflective mood. The melody has a lulling vibe to it that has you sinking into an almost meditative state. The rises and fall of the music are gentle as it laps softly against your ears. The mellow vibes of the track are woven into every note from the guitars to the light percussion. There is an earthy feeling to the music that is tempered by a rather dreamy flow that creates a unique feeling to the track. Later in the track, the dreaminess drops for a more grounded movement that waltzes you through the soundscape.

As you are lulled into the melody, the vocals bring a hazy and airy vibe to the higher levels of the track. There is a light echo to the vocals that enhances the cloudy dreaminess of the track and help you breathe a little easier. This is interesting when you consider the reflection of the lyrics which could be rather sombre. While the lyrics reflect on life, there is a feeling that you are being led to something much brighter and happier. When the melody drops, there is a sense of comfort in the grounded tones that the dreamy vocals add to.

Cave Palace works with James O’Neill to bring a mellow and dreamy reflection to ‘Far Away’ that leads you to a grounded comfort. The melody is light as it waltzes through your ears and lulls you into an almost meditative state. The vocals are airy and dreamy as they lead you to the reflection of the lyrics.

Find out more about Cave Palace on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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