Charlotte Lansman – Blind (2020)

Charlotte Lansman helped us escape the world for a while with her jazz fest single ‘Water’. She is now back with her most personal track to date, ‘Blind’. Drawing on a pivotal moment in her life, she draws listeners into the reality of a relationship where you are blind to the rest of the world.

Through this personal lens, she looks at the impact this type of relationship has on the people in it. As she turns to a reflective tone, there is a slight change to the soundscape. While still infused with jazz, the instrumentation is exposed to sonically represent the exposure the lyrics lay out.

‘Blind’ draws you into the single with Lansman’s jazzy vocals. Her performance grabs your hand from the first second of the opening and has this easy flow to it. While her voice has a very jazzy feeling, there is also a hint of blues in the lower levels. As you are pulled into the song by the verses, her vocals hit a powerful stride on the chorus. Through the lyrics, you are placed in a relationship where you are blind to all else. The emotive power of her voice makes this relatable even if you have never been in a similar position.

Below her powerful vocals is a very exposed melody. Each instrument is clearly heard as they shuffle together for a plush backing to her voice. The horns have a jazzy tone that makes your head swing to the music. The exposure of the instrumentation bolsters the emotive impact of the vocals and allows Lansman’s vocals to really shine. Close to the end of the track, her vocals meld with the instrumentation for a final emotive push.

Charlotte Lansman hits you with the jazzy goodness of her most personal track to date with the soulful tones of ‘Blind’. Drawing on personal experience, she paints a relatable picture with the power of her vocals. The exposed instrumentation of the melody enhances the messaging of the track while providing the perfect platform for her performance.

Find out more about Charlotte Lansman on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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