Track of the Day: Love Ghost – Shine Like Gold

Despite their young age, grunge meets alternative rock group Love Ghost bring a sense of maturity and sophistication to their music. Not only do they take on issues of escapism and inner turmoil, but they do so with an insightful sentimentality beyond their years. Finding the nook between emo-trap and grunge, the US-based quintet have a reputation for originality and uniqueness…and we’re not the only ones saying this.

Featured by Alternative Press, Alternative Addiction, Buzz Bands LA, Huffington Post, FV Music Blog and several online radios/podcasts, Love Ghost are blasting through your headphones and boring into your brain. In fact, their international fanbase has grown substantially validating tours in Ireland, Japan and Ecuador; however, they continue to hone their US grunge style fitting in with the Seattle music scene. The latest addition to their well-received discography is the single ‘Shine Like Gold’.

Releasing singles at an overwhelming rate, Love Ghost saw much success in 2020 but are seeing even more in 2021. It’s only May and the five-piece just released their fifth single ‘Bloody Mary’. Preceding the collaborative tune with Princessbri, the lads shared ‘Shine Like Gold’ with the world. To date, it has received airtime on Spotify playlists, Apple Music and SoundCloud.

Lying somewhere between Radiohead, Fall Out Boy and Smashing Pumpkins, ‘Shine Like Gold’ is a soothing, languid mish-mash of emo, grunge and alternative pop. Retaining the heaviness of Nirvana but with the intimacy and steadiness of The Cardigans, Love Ghost have a heartfelt depth to their music. This not only applies to the innovative melody but the chilled sentimentality of the poetic lyricism.

Effortlessly executed by frontman Finnegan Bell, the personal narrative engages listeners plunging them into a whirlpool of sound. Yet, while there is a softer, soothing element to ‘Shine Like Gold’ with melodic instrumentation, the gruffness of Bell’s vocals add a huskiness and robustness to the charming song. Described by Bell as “celebrating that uniqueness in all of us”, the self-produced track is filled with sincerity and genuineness.

In addition to their single, Love Ghost released an official music video for ‘Shine Like Gold’. Some image transitions are unsuitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy but overall it is a decent video “flashing lights”-wise. From what I could see, the video follows the group showcasing their uniqueness as individuals – an excellent visual imagery of the kaleidoscopic sound.


For more from Love Ghost check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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