Chloe Leigh – Momentos Asi (Moments Like This) (2021)

With the intensity of Leonard Cohen, the intimacy of Joni Mitchell and the feistiness of Sheryl Crow, Chloe Leigh’s sound is filled with sophistication and enthusiasm. With her bright red hair and freckled appearance, I would never consider her to have Spanish roots BUT I would be wrong. Featured at festivals like the Isle of Wight, 2000 Trees and Glastonbury, this UK-born fireball blends elements of pop and folk with a Latin flair. Moreover, her coverage on Less Than 1000 Followers, Amazing Radio and Berlin On Air has Leigh reaching an international audience. The latest addition to her repertoire is ‘Momentos Asi’.

Known to portray “sincere tales of love and loss in uplifting melodies”, Chloe Leigh is a songstress with an optimistic undertone to her stories. Following her collaborative cover of Backstreet Boys’ ‘I Want It That Way’ with Australian group Germein (happens to be one of my favourite songs), ‘Momentos Asi’ is a soothing melody with a bit of a Spanish kick. Leigh shares that the track was inspired by “…the bustling Brighton nightlife bringing back memories of Spain transporting me back to the little town where my mum was born, just for a moment.” It was this nostalgic reflection that not only inspired the song but prompted the flamenco influence.

Demonstrating no need for complicated instrumentation, ‘Momentos Asi’ is a simplistic guitar-driven single with interspersed piano to enhance the sentimentality of the song. Acoustic-influenced, one can easily see this single being performed at a Spanish festival or even around friends and family. Lyrically smooth and lighthearted, Leigh transitions from English verses to a Spanish chorus emphasising her Spanish inspiration for ‘Momentos Asi’.

Translated to ‘Moments Like This’, ‘Momentos Asi’ is a heartfelt track focusing on being happy in the present. As we mentioned, Leigh enjoys telling optimistic stories and this is no different here with her personal narrative adding a sense of hopefulness and joviality. The upbeat single complements her message with its buoyancy, and Leigh’s rough vocals make it even more intriguing. Yet, while there is a cheery quality to ‘Momentos Asi’, there is also a palpable surrealness making Leigh intoxicatingly memorable.

In addition to her single, Chloe Leigh released an official lyrics video. Please note this video uses strobe-like lighting effects that can cause seizures in people with photosensitivity. Watch at your own discretion.


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