Sweet Jayne – Don’t Ya (2021)

With a distinctive style, Sweet Jayne brings a blend of blues, lo-fi and alternative rock to listeners. With her latest single ‘Don’t Ya’, she adds a splash of Americana, alt-country and folk to further blur the lines between genres and enhance her unique sound. Drawing on her traditional and folk background, she incorporates the expressiveness of folk into the cinematic blend of her fusion style.

An experienced session musician and fiddle player, she leverages her knowledge and skills to craft amazing soundscapes and captivating singles. With this single, she has teamed up with Dizmation who provides the bass, organ and backing vocals to complement her instrumentation and voice. Breaking the mould with her music, she provides the breath of fresh air that the music industry needs.

‘Don’t Ya’ strums and jangles into your ears with a solid country vibe. There is a really earthy feeling to the melody as the fiddle speaks out against the acoustic guitar. When the drums make an appearance, the melody gets a toe-tapping blast of Americana that also gets your head swaying to the rhythm. The different layers of the music are amazing as they are all doing their own thing but come together for a perfect breeze of sound. The earthen feeling compliments the vocals and highlights the unique flow of her voice.

There is an authentic feeling to Jayne’s vocals as she delicately pulls you into the contemplations of the lyrics. The lyrics skim over thoughts some people have in a relationship before flowing into a question on the chorus. There is a somewhat melancholic edge to the lyrics and vocals that tugs at your heartstrings. The distinctive sound of her voice is wonderful and so frankly brings the message of the track to life. The single is very catchy in an understated way with the movement sticking in your brain for long after the track ends.

Sweet Jayne brings her distinctive style to your ears in the earthy twirls of ‘Don’t Ya’. The melody brings layers of instrumentation together to form an almost stilted dance through the soundscape. Her unique vocal style weaves the slightly melancholic lyrics around your senses in a strangely catchy manner.

Find out more about Sweet Jayne on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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