Church, Honey – Church (2020)

If you are still reeling from the emotional rollercoaster Church, Honey took you on with their debut ‘Pity Sex’ you might want to brace yourself. Their follow-up ‘Church’ continues the emotional hits in a slightly less anthemic way. Telling the tale of a young same-sex couple, the song batters you with themes of prejudice, self-worth, loss and atheism.

The many questions in the song dredge up emotions with a backdrop of acoustic instrumentation. Ben Miller, the man behind the music, questions how you can move on after losing a loved one and how you cope when you are rejected by your only support. Deeper and more sombre, this track continues the emotional attack he started with his debut single.

The acoustic guitar melody of ‘Church’ sets the tone and melds with the swelling organ notes. These notes are soft and don’t overpower the guitar or Miller’s vocals. There is a sadness to the melody that really hits you deep in the chest. When you combine this with the lyrics of the track, you will have tears in your eyes. There is hopelessness threaded into the song that is quite depressing, but there is a glimmer of hope at the end of the track.

Miller’s vocals are clear and easy to listen to. He is also able to drive the emotions of the song home through the depths of his performance. As he works through the different issues faced in the lyrics, you can hear the heartache and resolve in each word.

Church, Honey continue to batter your emotions with ‘Church’ which leaves you feeling devastated yet resolute. Using a simple melody, the song looks at heavy topics in an easy to listen to way. While leaving you emotionally drained, they have created a track that you will want to never stop listening to.

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