Percy Richter – In My Bones (2021)

Percy Richter is taking a very different approach with his second single ‘In My Bones’. The acoustic stylings of his debut single have been dropped for a darker fusion of neo-soul, electronica and pop. Born out of dark emotions and Richter’s personal experience, it is an outlet for feelings that inundate you at your lowest point.

With emotionally strained vocals and an infectious melody, the single mesmerises listeners with Richter’s powerful performance. Richter has been developing his style since a young age and continues to use music as an outlet for his emotions. While touching on personal experiences, he moulds his sound into a relatable thread that lightens the load of anyone listening.

‘In My Bones’ opens with a deep synth line that creates a brooding soundscape. While there is a moody feeling to the music, it has a chilled vibe resting in it. The beats of the melody have a smooth flow with a touch of soul that melds perfectly with the synths. The guitar that twines its way between the beats in addictive as it hooks you with sultry movements and enhances the depth of the music. There is a wonderful richness to the music that you are covered in that only becomes more luxurious as the song progresses.

Richter’s vocals are irresistible in their atmospheric flow. His performance matches the brooding depth of the music while adding a hit of emotion. While his voice has an unbelievable smoothness, there is a strained thread that cuts into you as he infuses so much emotion into each word. The lyrics add to the well of emotion as they work through a toxic relationship, indecision and being unclear over what you are feeling.

Percy Richter wraps you in a brooding soundscape packed with infectious guitars, rich synths and emotive vocals with ‘In My Bones’. A change from his last single, it highlights the depths of his musicality through atmospheric flows, relatable lyrics and waves of emotional neo-soul. The smoothness of the vocals and melody effortlessly wrap around you to draw you into the track.

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