Clinton N – Your Favorite Song (2021)

Young love can be a beautiful thing, but there is always a feeling of inevitable heartbreak. Clinton N is picking up the pieces of the aftermath and has turned it into ‘Your Favorite Song’. Through the tones of the single, he looks at the fragments of good memories that are all you have left of a young love that has ended.

As the sole writer and producer of this single, Clinton weaves his skills with multiple musical genres into each note. While he produces music across pop, chill, electronica and lo-fi, his own music has a core of downtempo electronic pop. As he expresses himself through his sound, he also draws listeners into relatable stories awash with emotions we all know too well.

‘Your Favorite Song’ slowly awakens with a tender electronic tone. The light notes are like the rays of dawn creeping over the horizon and the beautiful colours of the morning making their way into your senses. The gentle sweeps that cross the higher levels of the melody are beautiful and add richness to the twinkling tones of the melody. There is a touch of nostalgia to the music as you are filled with a bittersweet reminiscence of a past love. The roiling beats that tumble in later add a new dimension to the track while the glittering piano tones enhance the bittersweet emotions that fill you.

The delicacy of the single is emphasised by Clinton’s vocals which are gossamer soft as they float above your skin. His voice squeezes into your chest and funnels the emotions started in the melody into you. The ethereal moments of the vocals are enchanting as they move to an electronic edge. Through the single, you can feel the undeniable musicality Clinton has to offer while diving into the emotions he invokes. There is a tenderness to his performance that is almost fragile much like the tender memories of a love you used to have.

Clinton N fills you with the bittersweet emotions of a young love that has ended through the bittersweet yet tender tones of ‘Your Favorite Song’. The melody touches deep in your chest after being sent there by his vocals. Each note is an emotional hit that sinks into your skin and sticks with you after the song ends.

Find out more about Clinton N on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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