Track of the Day: Campfire Social – Awake In The Wake Of A Wave

Two years ago I reviewed Campfire Socials single ‘Breathe Out Slowly’. I remember the review well because the song was refreshing and engaging. We move ahead a couple of years and I haven’t changed my mind about Campfire Social. In fact, I believe they have moved from strength to strength showing maturity in their songwriting. It is incumbent on me to now review their latest single ‘Awake In The Wake Of A Wave’.

Hailing from North Wales, this indie-pop quintet has received coverage from BBC Radio Wales with their 2017 EP Wellbeing receiving continuous airtime. Not only are they on the radio and featured in various blogs, but they also have some notable gigs to their name. The most exciting would have been SXSW 2020; however, that has been postponed due to the COVID pandemic. The thing is, they were on the list.

While Campfire Social may not be gracing us with their presence at festivals, we still have the honour of hearing their music. ‘Awake In The Wake Of A Wave’ is a lively indie-pop meets surf-rock single with soothing vocals. Lyrically, it questions feelings of isolation when in a crowd – the awkwardness of not quite “fitting in” regardless of the settings. Melodically, Campfire Social is as buoyant and entertaining as ever. It is true that many songs are sombre with have a lighthearted melody, but Campfire Social’s juxtaposition between melancholy and merriment is a gleeful triumph.

Only one more thing to say about ‘Awake In The Wake Of A Wave’: I like it! I like it very,very much!

“‘Awake In The Wake Of A Wave’ is a song about questioning your relevance when in social situations and the constant dread that you don’t belong even when surrounded by those you love the most. It’s also about the hope that can come from feeling lost and disenfranchised.” – Campfire Social on ‘Awake In The Wake Of A Wave’

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