Conner Ball – In The Air (ft. Helen House) (2020)

In physics, there is a theory known as “cause and effect” where, simply, one act leads to another act like stones hitting each other or a pendulum. Let me put this into context instead of writing another dissertation. US-based singer-songwriter Conner Ball felt this cause and effect in music when his wife, Carrie, gifted him a studio session at Mississippi’s Blue Sky Studios. The session reminded him of his passion for music and, hence, Ball decided to embark on a solo music project (while studying medical sciences at the University of Mississippi Medical Centre). The latest addition to his discography is ‘In The Air’.

Since the age of 10 when he started playing the guitar with his cousins, Ball has built a passion for music, particularly live music performing with musicians around Oxford. Following on from his well-received single ‘Hold On For Me’, ‘In The Air’ is a well-rounded pop meets RnB track with heartwarming lyrics atop a rich, emotive melody.

“I wrote this song looking back on the moment that I first saw my wife and was mesmerised by her. The song tells the story of a guy and a girl who see each other for the first time and instantly fall in love, but they don’t recognise the feeling so they’re confused and excited at the same time.” – Conner Ball on ‘In The Air’

Joined by singer Helen House, ‘In The Air’ adopts a type of tête-à-tête narrative personifying that awkward situation when you really like someone but aren’t too sure about it. The insightful lyricism is superbly delivered with rich, warm and endearing vocals from each player. Yet, while Ball’s voice is robust, it is House who adds a certain bluesy/RnB feel to the track. Moving about each other, ‘In The Air’ is compelling and intricate while maintaining the commercial upbeat nature ala Ed Sheeran and Charlie Pluth. I’m not saying Ball and House fall into a typical genre, but merely giving you an idea of where they lie in their uniqueness.

As a music reviewer, I should be able to describe and define songs; however, ‘In The Air’ has an authenticity that is better understood by listening to the music. Poetic, elegant and sincere, Ball breathes a breath of fresh air into a stagnating pop music scene. I highly recommend him!

For more from Conner Ball check out his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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